Shed Shackle

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  • The Shed Shackle is a secure anchor point to secure your items to.
  • This robust steel shackle bolts securely to your wooden shed.
  • Reinforces your sheds stability and security.
  • Ideal for securing bicycles, tools and gardening equipment inside a wooden shed.
  • Once fitted it is nearly impossible to remove without dismantling the whole shed.
  • Drill bit and security bolts included: easy to install.
secure the contents of your shed with a shed shackle
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For the Shed Maxi Shackle anchor point, Click Here.

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For the Shed Maxi Shackle anchor point, Click Here.

Securely anchor items in your wooden shed with the shed shackle

  • Designed for easy DIY installation
  • Incorporates a side-brace to defeat twisting attacks
  • Steel lock: hardened steel and welded construction, with security shear nuts and threadlock for attack resistance
  • Difficult and noisy to attack - deters shed burglars
  • Modular design - You can arrange the bars to suit your own shed
  • Big enough to take heavy duty chains as well as U-locks and cable locks - The opening measures more than 50mm x 50mm (the sloping sides are a minimum of 50mm apart, widening to beyond 80mm)
  • The shed shackle lock approved by Sold Secure
  • British design and manufacture - Support British industry!
  • Shed shackle lock fitting kit includes all parts required and an appropriate drill bit
  • About 30 minutes to fit - Easy-to-follow and thoroughly illustrated instructions are included.

Requirements for fixing the shed shackle: the shed shackle lock is designed to be fitted to sheds made with framing members from 30mm up to 50mm deep, with up to 15mm additional thickness of boarding on the outside of the shed.

Sheds built from thicker timbers can usually be accommodated by counterboring the bolt heads from the outside (the instructions provide more guidance), and we have longer bolts available that give another 20mm range (see below).

The bolts are fully threaded so that they can be used on thin frames but these will naturally provide a poorer quality fixing than more substantially-framed structures. Note that you will need access to both sides of the shed wall where you want to mount the Shed Shackle. Access from the outside is only required to poke bolts through.

If you intend to fit it to a shed wall with a fence behind, it is generally not difficult to lift a few of the fence boards and thereby gain access for the bolt holes. Be careful with sharp nails if you adopt this approach. (Of course, this assumes that you can get access to the other side of the fence!)

Tools Required to fit a Shed Shackle: Electric drill (10mm chuck); 16mm AF spanner or adjustable wrench; eye protection; pencil; possibly a small hammer.

Longer Bolts: 100mm bolts are offered at the same price but they are supplied without threadlock. If you choose the longer bolts, you may wish to use Loctite, which is available from DIY and car accessory stores

Shed Shackle: Delivery Charges
1 unit: £7.50
2 units: £12.50
3 units: £15.00
4 units: £17.50
5 units: £20.00
6 units: £22.50
7 units: £25.00
8 units: £27.50
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