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Metal Motorbike Shed

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Metal Motorbike Shed from Gardien | garden security
Free Delivery, 10 year warranty, Authorised Asgard Distributor
Price: £1365.00
Colour:  asgard colours
Delivery: £0   free delivery
Include Assembly:  (not included)
260.00  per shed)
Whether you select assembly, or you choose to assemble the shed yourself, a level, firm surface will be required.
Please see details at the bottom of this page.
Total: £1365.00
  • 10 Year Warranty.
  • Free UK mainland delivery.
  • Minimum area required for shed: 1730mm (5' 8") x 3215 mm (10' 7")
  • UK LOCKSMITHS APPROVED MOTORCYCLE STORAGE: Shortlisted for 'The 12 top security products to protect your bike' 2012.
  • Shed dimensions to the right of this page.
  • Made of thick 18 gauge galvanised steel
  • Integral metal base - complete with free fixings for securing to your concrete base.
  • Access Ramp - provides easy access for even the heaviest of bikes.
  • OSB sub flooring - sits on top of the integral metal base and prevents tyre damage.
  • Heavy duty shelf and Hook rail to store helmets and leathers
  • Electric mounting plate kit - allowing you to add power to your unit (Note: qualified electrician required to install power unit and wiring - not supplied)
  • Many accessories available with this shed.


Shed Dimensions / Delivery

Delivery Time15 weeks
Height2032mm (6'7")
Width1580mm (5'2")
Depth2740mm (9')
Metal Thickness18 gauge
Easy to assemble and incredibly strong. A really impressive unit - Tip Top!
N.S. – Darlington
A good looking well constructed unit. I was impressed by the speed of installation and the sheer weight of this unit. A quality product
Dave - Yorkshire
As a summer rider this is ideal for me. Much better than leaving my bike in my damp garage through the winter
S.Jasper - Essex

motorbike shed : secure motorbike storage motorbike shed secure locks

Accessories You must add the above shed to your shopping cart before you can order the following accessories
Ground Anchor Pack
Price: £50.00
[add the shed to your cart above before adding accessories]
Ground Anchor Pack
Sold Secure Silver ground anchor with 1.5m chain suitable for bikes and motorbikes.
Motorcycle Garage Accessory Pack
Price: £135.00
[add the shed to your cart above before adding accessories]
Motorcycle Garage Accessory Pack
1 x shelf, 10 x Hooks, Ground Anchor Pack - Extra security for your bike - in or out of your garage.
Asgard Strong Metal Shed Hooks
Price: £21.00
[add the shed to your cart above before adding accessories]
Asgard Strong Metal Shed Hooks
Fit in the Gladiator, Centurion, and Motorcycle sheds- clip to the inside of the unit. Ideal for hanging very heavy items out of reach of children, or for keeping delicate items off the floor.
Motorcycle Garage Hook Strip
Price: £41.00
[add the shed to your cart above before adding accessories]
Motorcycle Garage Hook Strip
The Motorcycle Garage Hook Strip has been specifically designed for the motorcycle garage. Extra deep hooks are perfect for hanging helmets and leathers. You can also use this heavy duty hook set in the Centurion unit.

Need A Bigger Motorbike Shed?

For a bigger motorcycle storage unit, see our Large Secure Motorbike Shed

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Big Shed Comparison Table

  Centurion Gladiator
Centurion Centurion Super Centurion Maxi Gladiator Gladiator Super Gladiator Maxi
Height to Ridge 2032mm (6'8") 2032mm (6'8") 2032mm (6'8") 2072mm (6' 8") 2072mm (6' 8") 2072mm (6' 8")
Height to Eaves 1829mm (6'0") 1829mm (6'0") 1829mm (6'0") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4")
Width 1524mm (5'0") 1524mm (5'0") 1524mm (5'0") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4") 2260mm (7' 4")
Depth 2225mm (7'3" ) 3317mm (10'10" ) 4409mm (14'6" ) 2225mm (7' 3") 3317mm (10ft 10") 4409mm (14' 5")
Min area for assembly 1730mm (5' 9") x 2635 mm (7' 8")
1730mm (5' 9") x 3785 mm (12' 5") 1730mm (5' 9") x 4935 mm (16' 2") 2410mm (7' 11") x 2640 mm (8' 8") 2410mm (7' 11") x 3790 mm (12' 5") 2410mm (7' 11") x 4940 mm (16' 2")
Cubic Capacity 7.52 cu m 11.28 cu m 15.04 cu m 9.11 cu m 13.6 cu m 18.09 cu m
Metal Thickness 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge 18 gauge
Weight: 255kg 350kg 445kg 327kg 432kg 537kg
View Shed view shed view shed view shed view shed view shed view shed

Please note - all non-metric measurements are approximate.

Benefits Of the Metal Motorbike Shed ?

  • May reduce your motorbike insurance: Awarded a level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board.
  • Weight: 294kg (46 stone)
  • This spacious metal shed measures around 9' deep and 5' 2" wide, Weighing 255kg (over 35 stone) - it's a big shed!
  • Heavy duty integral  metal floor with free fixings for attaching  to secure ground.
  • Large double door access and integral non-slip fold-down ramp. Walk or ride your bike into this motorbike shed. 
  • Secure 5 point locking system
  • An electrical mounting plate for adding power to the unit
  • Shelf and hookrail to store helmets and leathers
  • Ventilation system allows exhaust fumes and vapours to escape and minimizes the build up of condensation


Please note that before assembly can take place a level, firm surface will be required: you may already have this available (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio), but if not, laying concrete or slabs about 50mm/2” thick before assembly would be ideal.

Minimum base dimensions required for this metal shed are 1730mm (5' 8") x 3215 mm (10' 7")

motorbike shed interior motorbike shed electric plug mounting

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