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A key sentence in the Home Office’s main document on bicycle security is “More than half of all bicycle thefts take place from an owner’s property”. However, one of the most obvious solutions to keeping bikes (and motor bikes) safe is to lock them away out of sight in specifically designed metal storage units. This is obviously going to be more expensive than simply buying a padlock and chain but it has the following distinct advantages:

Thieves are attracted by what they can see – items stored in metal units are not visible to outsiders.
Most wooden sheds are relatively easy to break into although there are some products available which can deter or slow down opportunists.
The petty criminal and organised thief have one thing in common – they are looking for the easiest option. Suppose you come across two houses, both with a garden shed - one a bright green well painted steel shed or cycle store with an integral locking mechanism and insurance rated padlock - the other a traditional garden shed in tongue and groove with a standard metal or black japanned hasp retained with four x 1 inch screws and a padlock...
Which one are you going to break into? It’s simple. The steel shed is going to take an angle grinder or something like a 6 ft. steel bar, bags of muscle and there will be an inordinate amount of noise as the steel strains and buckles as the thief attempts to force the entry. The hasp on the wooden shed can be prized off in seconds with a small bar or jemmy. Remember the thief wants to remain inconspicuous and not attract attention to himself. Which one would you go for?

Sheds are highly flammable as they are usually timber and coated with creosote. Metal sheds are fire resistant, offering greater protection against accidental fire sources like fireworks that fall on them in the Autumn and sparks from bonfires.
Metal units are relatively maintenance free – there is no repainting or rotting (unlike wooden sheds)
Metal units are also a safe store for garden tools and equipment, toys, and other outdoor items

We at Gardien have chosen to offer Asgard metal units since they are specifically designed with security in mind. What is the point in storing hundreds (or thousands) of pounds worth of machines in places which are too easy to break into? It is estimated that a bike is stolen more often than every ten seconds in the UK – a secure metal unit is the best way to avoid being part of those statistics.

Key features of the Asgard units are:

Several bikes can be stored together if required – various sizes of storage unit are available to hold multiple bikes
The units are ventilated so that there is much less risk of rusting taking place due to “sweating”
The units carry a 10 year Warranty
They are supplied either with padlocks having anti-cut protection or integrated pick- and drill-resistant locks (depends on model)
They have an integral metal base through which they are fastened to a concrete base
The worst thing that will happen if anyone does attempt to break into one of the units is that the handle will shear off, but it can readily be replaced
A wide range of accessories can be fitted to facilitate the storage of items on shelves, hooks etc.
A steel shed will always be the preferred choice of the insurer as it is more resistant to forced entry and therefore there is less likelihood of a claim. It may also result in lower premium being negotiable.

General information re bicycle security can be found at the Home Office Crime Prevention site.

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